Journey inside oneself

Making choices is a difficult thing to which everyone is confronted and this several times a day! The selection is based on many information requiring knowledge: about oneself, the consequences of these choices and the external environment in particular. It is a bit of these three points that I would like to deepen when travelling. Especially the introspective part, to perhaps convert in another fields different from the engineering path that I followed until now.

Born in the Alps, I grew up surrounded by mountains. But it is quite late, around 20 years, crossing Corsica trekking with a good bunch of buddies, that the mountain will become a real drug afterwards. The Pyrenees will be a first playground and discovery place (mountaineering, mountain biking and paragliding), followed by the Bavarian Alps and Tyrol (explored on mountain bike, skis and kayak). So much so that back in Grenoble to finish the preparations, I feel like a tourist at home ("summitly" speaking)… Fortunately, the take-off of Saint Hilaire was quickly overflown, and the ascent of Chamechaude followed on skis. The mountain is one of the areas of conversion considered.

The second area, and no lesser, is the bike. Used as a primary transportation since I was 18, I find that his reputation does not live up to what he deserves (at least in France). This trip will be an opportunity to give it an important place and to insist on its strengths.

Finally, a domain a little different from the other two but still linked, is the analysis in carbon footprint. This idea is entirely based on global warming and its link to carbon emissions. It is a subject that interests me very much and that I wish to deepen with readings and exchanges.