A travel yes, but why?

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My poor English readers, I am really not taking good care of you :'( Promise I’ll try now on to give news more often! Here is a start in 2020, stats about my first year of travel. And what comes next! Enjoy the podcast, see ya!

  • 22nd of March 2019: first pedal stroke from home (Grenoble, Frankreich)
  • 27th of March : paragliding session in Pyrénées
  • 1st of April : duo cycling with a Belgian to Porto via Camino de Santiago
  • 1st of May : sailing along Portuguese and Spanish coasts on Soukha with Pierre from Québec
  • 1st of June : cycling through Morocco during Ramadan (to Agadir)
  • 15th of July : mooring in Canary archipelago
  • 1st of August : start a loooong stay in Gran Canaria and looking for a boat to cross a large lake called Atlantic
  • End of October : beginning of a crazy adventure. Buying a sailing boat with two other travelers willing to cross the ocean too.
  • End of November : after few weeks setting up the boat for the crossing, we finally left canary to Cabo Verde first, then headed to French Guyana
  • 24th of December : arrival in Fraaaaaaance, mmh French Guyana more exactly
  • End of March 2020 : the decision is taken to stay here in order to work, one year or more
  • To be continued

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