This page lists some stories from close friends, further ones and also travelers and inspiring persons crossed on the way. Their common point: beautiful projects with a few wheels (often), in the air (sometimes) and a lot of energy!

Solar’Hythm-The Positive Energy Tour

Like many in the unbridled race of the “always-more”, they decided to take the time… Robin and Marion started this project after their studies and want to show the importance of energy on a daily basis but also how to become self-sufficient. It’s a kind of rehab in a severely addicted patient! For this, they built a “trike” solar tandem (the trike is a three-wheel recumbent). In the schools visited, they present their transportation mean and introduce to the children the concept of energy.

Thanks to their experience of the first prototype, the couple prepares a second model a little more spacious. More info on their website!

In the air for the Earth

Nicolas Plain is a reconverted pilot: He swapped the procedural fighter plane for the free paragliding flight. And he did well! It was in the air that he carried out his popularised interviews on climate change. From France to Norway and to Croatia, his adventure will make travel more than one.

Now that he has caught this disease of sharing, nothing stops him and he is already planning new projects. Case (s) to follow

En route avec aile – Fly and Roll

The “Baroudeur” (bushwhacker) is the nickname of his bike, which he has guided around the globe during a loooong journey. With his wing and with her, he flew over volcanoes, crossed deserts, and even met celebrities from the Wild biz (a certain Mike). A big thanks to Olivier Peyre for all his advice and availability. You’ll find some information on his online journey, but the best thing is to read his exciting book. Traveling Souls Abstain! The risk of leaving after reading is huge!

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