To my first partner and it’s unconditional support, my family, a big thank you for all the help provided and the coming.

Thanks also to the following partners who support the project:

Outdoor Active

It is a German collaborative platform that gathers almost all mountain sports. Some tracks are offered by users and others by professionals.

Like many similar applications, they offer off-line maps covering the entire Alps with the “IGN” of each country (France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany). Very convenient for ski touring, the steepness is also indicated. The routes can be created in a few clicks thanks to the “trail tracking” function recognizing the hiking or mountain biking routes (certainly also for cycling but not tested).

A free version allows you to get your hands on the application and the paid versions give access to everything else for a moderate cost.

This site will be very useful for me to plan mountain activities and avoid getting lost.

AZUB & Cyclociel

The duo manufacturing and supplier of my bike have joined to sponsor me and offer me a discount on the bike as well as equipment: They are my “gold” partners of the project! AZUB is a renowned Czech builder in the bent community. Mountain bike riders, AZUB designers have created very versatile bikes that are often chosen for expeditions. Their experience in this area and the continuous improvement they bring to their bikes makes it a partner of choice. They helped me a lot in choosing the most appropriate model for my trip.

Cyclociel is a recumbent store in Lyon, of which I met the manager in early November. The contact went well, so that’s where I ordered my bike! A very good adviser, CĂ©line will help you to choose the best practice for you (between two wheels and three wheels). Friends from Lyon, if only out of curiosity I promise you that his store is worth a visit!


Foreign language learning Site discovered before going to Panama, I was very surprised by the effectiveness of their method. For this reason, I have re-contacted them to be able to perfect my Spanish and also to start learning Portuguese.

Courses can also be downloaded and done in offline mode. This is useful to revise on a boat.

Au Vieux Campeur

A well-known french store for mountaineers and travelers. They offer a wide range of quality products (you have to pay the price), and they will have been good advice in choosing the material. Their partnership works for any amateur adventure, the most surprising on their page is the appearance of two pretty recumbents, to which may be added mine!

I was going to forget…

All the friends who help me to host the site, to be able to have hot food, to come pedal on some places or to ski on virgin slopes!