The project

Although the idea of a long-term trip has been in my head for a long time, this project is partly due to my Spanish roommate from Munich. After four years working, I realized that once started it would be difficult to stop along the way. A bit like a rocket that has to bring a satellite on orbit: after take-off, the operation must be carried out until the target orbit is reached and the satellite stabilised. To exaggerate: from the first job, to the retirement, few maneuvers are desirable (although it is not a generality). In short, I wondered, after a take-off to Germany succeeded, if I had completed all my dreams on earth before “leaving”? Or if I had taken the right way?

An invitation, an inspiring book, good timing and some convictions guided me to this project and helped me to deviate the rocket from the scheduled orbit. The invitation to ski in Chile will have been the trigger of a thought-over choice during four years.

The rocket is not (yet) a means of locomotion very developed to travel, so it is on bike and without airplane that I will try to reach Chile. To take advantage of aerial views on the way, I will also carry a paraglider.

After Chile, may follow other destinations. Why travel so many miles on low emissions if you have to fly back?